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Shihan Benjamin G. Galarpe was the first Aikido representative of the Japan Aikikai Hombu Dojo to spread and propagate Aikido in the Philippines recognized by Aikido founder O' Sensei Morihei Ueshiba.  He started his training in 1957 in Guam under Harry S. Ito.  Four years later he earned his Shodan degree from the Japan Aikido Hombu Dojo.  In 1963, the founder of Aikido promoted him to the degree of Nidan after his advance training in Aikido in the World Aikido Hombu in Sanjukuku, Tokyo, Japan.


At that same year, he traveled back and started teaching aikido and held exhibitions all over Philippines.  He taught within the areas of Manila  and settled in Quiapo whereas Manila Aikido Club was established, Quiapo came to its prestige as the headquarters of the first Aikido dojo in the Philippines.  Hence, Shihan Benjamin Galarpe is indisputably, the father of Philippine Aikido.


In 1964 Koichi Tohei, was the chief instructor of Aikido Hombu in the World Aikido Headquarters in Tokyo Japan.  He visited the Aikido schools in Metro Manila and held Aikido exhibitions along with Benjamin Galarpe throughout the Philippines.  Later that year, Koichi Tohei went on to promote Benjamin Galarpe to the rank of Sandan.


After the death of O' Sensei, Kisshomaru Ueshiba, of his birth right preceded the Hombu Dojo as Doshu, and the Head Master Koichi Tohei in the early 1970s established the Ki-Society.   Shihan Galarpe remained with Koichi Tohei's Ki SocietyShin Shin Toitsu Aikido.  The Manila Aikido Club, of which Galarpe founded for the Aikikai, was resumed by Shihan Manuel "Omar" N. Camar as Chief Instructor, and at that time, Sensei Antonio "Tony" G. Deprisa was his Secretary General, both have hand-in-hand kept the propagation advocacy for Aikido.


In the later years, Manila Aikido Club branched into two main streams, with one being known as AIKIKAI PHILIPPINES.  Sensei Tony Deprisa, now a 4th Dan, solely heads this organization.  With over 40 years of teaching and being the Head Instructor of Aikikai Philippines, his mission and advocacy for the propagation of Aikido proved indisputable.


Enduring all controversies; his aged patience, determination, and perseverance has manifested and evolved for the love of Aikido.


Today, Aikikai Plilippines is striving to keep the traditional Aikido as taught by O' Sensei.

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