Aikikai Philippines - Deprisa System

Sensei Tony Deprisa


Antonio "Tony" G. Deprisa, Sensei

Aikikai Philippines Founder

Martial Arts Consultant


He taught Traditional Aikido for over forty  years (1969 - 2014).  His experience, techniques, and teaching methodologies came into the formulation of which resulted to getting the students to grasp, comprehend, and learn more in the shortest possible time.


Before his endeavor with Aikido, Sensei Tony have wandered and achieved expertise on different martial arts(see Martial Arts Skills below).  Generally, his enlightenment as he have shared to his students was found in the art of peace, Aikido. He often mentioned through his teachings a non-strenuous, non-violent, and easy to comprehend features of Aikido.  The perfection by O'Sensei Ueshiba to the art of peace reflects in Sensei Tony's being.  He is a true follower of O'Sensei.


Sensei Tony is a happy and simple person, he never fail to emphasize to study hard, and understand the roots of all Aikido techniques.  He is strict but, he doesn't take away fun and friendship amongst Aikidokas in the dojo.

In every lessons, he makes clear explanations to every movements and executions of the techniques and leaves minimal to no trace of confusion to students.  He shares his knowledge and experiences for students to reflect upon.


With his ways of Aikido fellowship, Aikikai Philippines strives to keep the traditional way of Aikido as taught by O' Sensei Ueshiba.

Martial Arts Skills


                        4th Dan Black Belt

                        Secretary General

  Philippine Aiki Kai Headquarters 

 (Manila Aikido Club, 1st aikido School in the Philippines since 1963)

Under Shihan Benjamin Galarpe


2nd Dan Black Belt

School of Self-Defense

Agana Guam, USA

Under Shihan Benjamin Galarpe


                        5th Dan Blackbelt

                        Philippine TAD-SUN / Okinawa – Te

                        Shorin ryu Karate Do

                        Under Shihan Fem Pantila Jr.



                        Senior Instructor

                        Lanada Style Arnis

                        Under Grand Master Porferio Lanada



                        Assistant Instructor

                        Dikiti – Tirsia – Siradas System

                        Under Grand Master Jerson “Nene” Tortal Sr.Secretary General 



Adolescent Years Training

Lacson College

  Philippine Amateur Judo Association - PAJA

Under Sensei Lucban